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Fravor Academy Subject Is Religion Essay Samples Tips

Fravor Academy Subject Is Religion Essay Samples Tips Using My Fravor Academy Subject Is Religion Essay Samples There are two views concerning this controversy. This essay topics will talk about the philosophical aspects of several diverse religions, along with topics that compare the similarities between the philosophies of distinct religions. All these examples point to the simple fact there are severe disagreements on the topic of religion in the schools. Lots of people are bewildered about different religions. There are not any enemies in my personal religion. The most important reason of such a big interest is the fantastic influence the religion has on the key functions in society. There are many different things that produce the Baptist religion stick out from different religions. There isn't any limit on the resources you're able to access, but you do have to prevent plagiarism and appropriately cite any sources of information which you use. There are many kinds of writing. The very first step is to pick a suitable essay topic and the selection of the subject depends upon the Christian Institution of your selection. Even in the event the application demands no essay, it is suggested to include things like the writings anyway. I like descriptive writing since you can constitute the particulars. After the reader finds the introduction to be impressive, they might arrive at the immediate conclusion you have composed the essay without deviating from this issue and concluded perfectly. So, one must be quite careful about choosing the most suitable topic and writing about it well. It's like a mystery to discover the answer. For instance, a work interview gets unfair for Indian applicant due to his religion and culture. Six questions are given below. These questions could be asked by many. Eight questions are given below. Using My Fravor Academy Subject Is Religion Essay Samples So you must make your essay very easy and simple to read. You will wind up as a fantastic student. It can cause you to be a better student. If you question in case a report is acceptable, speak to your professor. As soon as you understand what your topic is, you've got to consider about the content of your essay. Reading is easy and simple to learn. Writing also is a significant skill to communicate with. Here's What I Know About My Fravor Academy Subject Is Religion Essay Samples Believing in a religion permits you to supply a tradition that could be passed down from generation to generation. Religion practice teaches to take action and earn decision wisely and adhere to the guideline determined by god. To the majority of people it offers salvation, enlightenment, and a place in heaven. Besides, it is playing a significant role in shaping preferences toward free trade. In history, there are various kinds of reasons to create distinctive religions over time that come with unique ways. You're able to express your feelings and have an opportunity to demonstrate creativity. It's a means of expressing feelings. Compare and contrast the 2 struggles. Why Almost Everything You've Learned About My Fravor Academy Subject Is Religion Essay Samples Is Wrong The decision makers will think the impacts of the action whether it is going to harm the society, personal or the surroundings. See, there are lots of things we must learn about math. The main reason why I like art is since it's an excellent experience for me to learn various kinds of drawings. Thanks for making it occur. Descriptive writing is where you are able to describe a photo in a story. You are able to learn more about the world in writing. This was in 2nd grade. Art is my favorite since it's fun and since you could draw your family members. It can tell lots of interesting stories, including lots of different painters. It is an amazing subject. It has been around for almost 8 years and has told many stories. Top Choices of My Fravor Academy Subject Is Religion Essay Samples One of the principal ones is the technique of baptism. Their primary aim is to end suffering. My life is entirely un-figured out. My preferred project was when I used pastels in my personal creation.

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Perfection And Utter Disaster A Utopian Society

Perfection Meets Reality An extremely thin line exists between perfection and utter disaster. A society may appear to be idealistic from the outside looking in, but in reality, knowledgeable people living in these worlds know deep down that the society is corrupt. A utopian society is considered â€Å"an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect† (â€Å"Utopia†). Since a utopian society is not realistically feasible, it generally spirals into a dystopia. This is a society identified by â€Å"human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding† (â€Å"Dystopias†). Utopias devolve to dystopias for a variety of reasons, which all typically relate back to the misuse of total control and the restriction of independence. A utopia is simply unattainable since nothing is perfect and not everyone in society will always be pleased. Even though rulers use all of their willpower to make their followers believe that nothing can go wrong, but there will always be people who see through this masquerade. The Party in 1984 and the Handicapper General in Harrison Bergeron use these techniques and others to establish their dominance over everyone else. The news station Fox News, specifically CEO Roger Ailes, dictates how his company is run in the same nature as a figurehead in a dystopian novel would. Although utopias and dystopias are thought to be complete opposites, in 1984, Harrison Bergeron, and Fox News the two types of societies intertwine through the use of propaganda,Show MoreRelatedEssay about Thucydides vs Plato2008 Words   |  9 Pagessays, â€Å"Future ages will wonder at us, as the present age wonders at us now.† Pericles is able to remain optimistic of Athens’ victory and seemingly pass on his hopes and energy to his audience. He glorifies Athens in a way that turns it into a utopian society that inspires the audience to continue to fight for it. However, Pericles himself was not prepared for the invisible enem y that was to come. The plague first broke out in the outer provinces of the Athenians empire. The summer following theRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesmachine Level 3: ‘Get the structure and systems right so that all is in balance’ Level 4: ‘The machine is alive! – well, almost’ How modernist organization theory underpins conventional understandings of the relationship between organizations and society Is bureaucracy immoral? Form fits function: how modernist organizational theory challenges the relationship between individuals, groups and the organization through bureaucracy and hierarchy The virtuous bureaucracy Modernist themes in organizational

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The Objectives of Affirmative Action Policies Essay

Affirmative action policies actively initiate efforts for organizations and companies to provide more opportunities for historically discriminated groups in our society (Affirmative Action: Overview.). These policies usually focus on education and employment (Affirmative Action: Overview.). When it comes to college level education, affirmative action usually mentions admission protocols that give equal admittance to education for groups that were discriminated against throughout history (Affirmative Action: Overview.). These groups include women, and minorities (Affirmative Action: Overview.). Affirmative action came as a result of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and was brought into existence in order to help distribute†¦show more content†¦The U.S. Supreme Court addressed the issue of affirmative action in the late 1970s (The Leadership Conference†). This occurred in two pivotal cases. The first case that was tried was Reagents of the University of California v. Bakke (The Leadership Conference†). In 1978, the Supreme Court decided that the University of California violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by only allowing a fixed number of seats for minorities to be admitted at its medical school (The Leadership Conference†). In Justice Powell’s written opinion, this decision also ruled that race could quite possibly be legally considered in several factors when producing a decision on admissions at the university (The Leadership Conference†). Justice Powell also mentioned that legal affirmative action programs exist for reasons other than simply rectifying prior discrimination (The Leadership Conference†). It also serves the institution’s academic desire in acquiring a culturally varied student body in order to maintain suitable affirmative action programs (The Leadership Conference†). The second case happened in 1979 and was United Steelworkers of America v. Weber (The Leadership Co nference†). This case involved a fresh in-plant training program for employees at a Louisiana plant that was aimed at minorities in trained positions (The Leadership Conference†). The company (Weber) and the union (United Steelworkers of America) had come to anShow MoreRelatedAffirmative Action Plan.1220 Words   |  5 PagesAffirmative Action Plan Affirmative action is a plan to promote the efforts of employers, schools and other organizations to recruit and hire groups that have previously been discriminated against. It is important to note that affirmative action programs do not require employers to hire unqualified people for a job. Equal employment opportunity is used to describe policies that prohibit discrimination of any kind. Affirmative action is a program that analyses the make up of the current workforceRead MoreEssay on Affirmative Action1571 Words   |  7 PagesAffirmative Action Affirmative action is one of the more recent and popular civil rights policies that affect todays society. Affirmative action can be described as nothing more than a lower educational standard for minorities. It has become quite clear that affirmative action is unfair and unjust. However, in order to blend race, culture, and genders to create a stable and diverse society, someone has to give. How can this be justified? Is there a firm right or wrong to affirmative actionRead MoreThe Role Of Primary Function Of Human Resource Management1596 Words   |  7 Pagesdesign, performance appraisal system, and research and information system. The objective of specific human resource development activities vary greatly or improving the knowledge skills, and attitudes of individuals, career development potent efforts intended to assist individual through A series of career stage and organization development effort to enhance the effectiveness of the organization. The differing objective ,in turn, often determine of organization which other aspect of the board of humanRead MoreFunctions Of Human Resource Management1632 Words   |  7 Pages performance appraisal system, and research and information system. The objective of specific human resource development activities varies greatly or improving the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of individuals, career development potent efforts intended to assist the individual through A series of career stage and the organization development effort to enhance the effectiveness of the organization. The differing objective ,in turn, often determine of organization which other aspect of the boardRead MoreAffirmative Action Is The Most Important Modern Anti Discrimination1578 Words   |  7 PagesColumbia in the United States of America once said that â€Å"affirmative action is the most important modern anti-discrimination technique ever instituted in the United States. It is the one tool that has had a demonstrable effect on discrimination. No one who knows anything about the subject would say it hasn t worked. It has certainly done something, or else it wouldn t have provoked so much opposition†. This means that affirmative action is a modern anti-discrimination technique that has beenRead MoreThe New Prime Minister Of Canada1648 Words   |  7 Pagesworld, Mr. Trudeau was able to deliver on his promise. As many praised the Prime Minister for his decision, an equal number (while not questioning the qualifications or merit of those woman appointed to power) were as king the question: â€Å"Is an affirmative action cabinet truly a meaningful (and effective) way to right the wrongs of the past and recognize the importance and significance of women in Canadian society?† Those who ask questions similar to the one above share the common view that the way inRead MoreEqual Employment Opportunity ( Eeo ), Affirmative Action And Diversity Initiatives Essay996 Words   |  4 PagesEqual Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action and Diversity initiatives are three different concepts. However, they do have an inter-relation between them. Affirmative Action plans are initiated by the federal government. This programme ensures equal opportunities for employment and opportunities for self-development at workplace. It provides opportunities to qualified individuals who have been denied such opportunities in the past on some kind of discrimination. Primarily, it is a quotaRead MoreHuman Resource Management : Human Resources Development1748 Words   |  7 Pagesresources. Human resources development: To encompasses the efforts to promote personal development, the company’s employee satisfaction, and agreement with employment-related laws. The planning function that the HRM develops from the human resource policies and regulations attempt to determine future HRM plans and activities for the operations. The HRM procedure is to help companies realize their goals. Human resource development is like an investment that an organize places through training, organizationalRead MoreEmployment Equity1660 Words   |  7 Pages2 INTRODUCTION 2 WHAT IS EMPLOYMENT EQUITY 3 HOW DOES IT WORK 3 - 4 WHAT IS AFFIRMATIVE ACTION 5 IMPLEMENATION OF AFFIRMITIVE EMPLOYMENT EQUITY 6 - 7 OBSTACLES CHALLENGES 7 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 8 CONCLUSION 8 BIBLIOGRAPHY 9 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This assignment deals with the Employment Equity Act of 19 October 1998. It covers the workings of the act in terms of equity and affirmative action and how it was implemented in Defy Appliances Ltd in 1999. It also covers some of theRead MorePersuasive Speech : Affirmative Action1043 Words   |  5 PagesTitle: Affirmative Action Topic: The idea I want to talk about is the purpose of Affirmative Action in America, who it represents, and how it affects them. Purpose Statement: My speech will inform the audience about the objectives of affirmative action and how it benefits them. Audience Analysis: A. Demographics: My audience will consist of males and females who are young adults that attend Michigan State University. Also, my audience will consist of many ethnicities and nationalities. My speech

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Poor Communications - 1619 Words

Does poor communication cause conflict? Essay written by: jmurdoch Is most conflict in an organisation is caused by poor communication? If we had perfect communication would conflict cease? Consider for example, an e-mail asking for some information yesterday to stress how important this request is. The sender thinks e-mails are great as they travel at the speed of light and spell things out in black white. The recipient may consider that if its in a e-mail then it can t be that urgent because servers can loose, misdirect or delay an e-mails transmission. They may also consider that as the information was wanted yesterday its already too late to be effectively utilised. Both parties saw the same communiquà ©, neither read the†¦show more content†¦Do the high level mangers share a single office floor so that they are accessible to each other or sit where they can practice management by walking about on a daily basis be accessible by the staff they manage . Each choice will determine the kind and content of communication that occurs. Grouping by function will create cliques based on profession. Between cliques there will be ignorance of each others modus opera ndi and working pressures which creates interdepartmental friction as each can only see their set of priories. Not grouping by function means that levels of specialist knowledge will take longer to increase and cause dissatisfaction in professionals and knowledge workers. Team building works on the principle of put them through hell and they will end up working together. For many employees they are already doing this five days a week and its not working. Then the teams, for these events, are always constructed wrongly either all managers - who will be seen to be out on a jolly - or all members of the same department. Team building should be used to create unofficial links between departments to contrast compliment the designed communication flow built in to the company structure. People do not like being kept in the dark or working for a despot. Decrees without adequate explanations will be resented even if they make perfect sense. The salesman s formula of feature that produces this result which then gives you this benefit needsShow MoreRelatedCommunication Is A Poor Form Of Communication Essay1818 Words   |  8 PagesCommunication is a beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father given that we may express ourselves and our thoughts and ideas with one another, but most of all, so we may glorify God. All gifts from God are good gifts, but does this mean that all communication is good communication? Not necessarily, verbal communication has a time and a place, and depending on the context of the conversation, the words spoken and the manner in which the words are spoken can be a poor form of communication. When wordsRead MoreMiscommunication Or Poor Communication?886 Words   |  4 Pages Miscommunication or poor communication can happen anywhere or any time . Boaz Keysar, a professor in psychology at the University of Chicago writes, â€Å"People commonly believe that they communicate better with close friends than with strangers. That closeness can lead people to overestimate how well they communicate, a phenomenon we term the ‘closeness-communication bias’† (2011). In the article Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication, a study was conducted where twenty-four marriedRead MoreCommunication Is A Poor Understanding Of Communication Essay1411 Words   |  6 Pageseveryday communication possible. After all, it’s something we’ve picked up on over time simply by listening and observing others. So why go the extra mile to learn more about something we have been doing since as long as we can remember? I have found that the answer is a lot simpler than one might expect. As we know communication is inescapable, we spend between 80 – 90% of our waking hours doing it. [4] Sadly, much of it is misinterpreted due to a poor understanding of proper communication skillsRead MoreMasking Poor Communication Essay682 Words   |  3 PagesLanita N. Clark Masking Poor Communication COM 200 Mrs. Mary A. Witt August 22, 2011 The article â€Å"Masking Poor Communication† discussed how miscommunication is misunderstood and perceived as something. What someone is saying can easily be taken for something else. Everyone has their own perception. This can have a negative impact on the people who are close to you. In the article it stated that â€Å"people commonly believe that they communicate better with close friends than strangersRead More Poor Communications and Conflict Essay1586 Words   |  7 Pages Is most conflict in an organisation is caused by poor communication? If we had perfect communication would conflict cease? Consider for example, an e-mail asking for some information â€Å"yesterday† to stress how important this request is. The sender thinks e-mails are great as they travel at the speed of light and spell things out in black amp; white. The recipient may consider that if its in a e-mail then it can’t be that urgent because servers can loose, misdirect or delay an e-mails transmissionRead MorePoor Communication as a Source of Interpersonal Conflict1072 Words   |  5 PagesPoor communication is the main frequently cited source of interpersonal conflict. Individuals recently spend about 70 percent of their waking hours communicating by writing, reading, speaking and also listening. This is causing lack of effective communication. Meanwhile, good communication skills are demanding to career success. It is always been show that communication skills among the most like characteristics. Apparently, communication is one of the most important activities in human life andRead MoreE ssay about Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication625 Words   |  3 PagesClose Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication Tanya Christian 122 English Composition II Interpersonal Communication August 2, 2011 1 After reading the article on Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication it hit home for me. Me and my fiancà © have poor communication skills. We have been together for the past eight years, and we still have a problem commutating. He likes to take over the conversation, or cut me off when we are talking. He said that is becauseRead MoreOutline Some of the Causes of Poor Communications and How These Can Be Resolved8843 Words   |  36 PagesDescribe the nature and the process of communication within organisations in general.. History of Organizational Communication (This entire page contains gender bias language, i.e. he, him, his, etc. Please edit) The field traces its lineage through business information, business communication, and early mass communication studies published in the 1930s through the 1950s. Until then, organizational communication as a discipline consisted of a few professors within speech departments who hadRead MorePoor Communication : Poor And Health Care882 Words   |  4 Pages- Poor communication - Poor communication is the incapability of making one’s ideas clear to the other person so that they understand.†¨- Unequal power relations - Not having equal or the same power in a relationship.†¨ There are several reasons as to why most cases of abuse and violence go unreported, some include:†¨- A lack of confidence to seek the help that they need†¨- In cases where women are abused, they often depend on the males money to survive..†¨ Two suggestions in which parents can improveRead MoreA Project On Poor Communications1119 Words   |  5 PagesProject Outcome Unsurprisingly, the massive project with poor communications ended in a crash of epic proportions on the launch date of 1 October 2013. The website went live on a day that, ironically enough, was marked with a government shutdown. The website went the same way as the government and quite working as soon as it was launched. Users reported attempting to register more than 40 times without any luck, only to have the website return an error message (Ford, 2013). The website launch was

The History of Harlem - Cultural Epicenter of America’s...

Over a significant time frame, African Americans have been forced to endure numerous hardships – one of which being the negatives stigmas that unfairly generalize their people, culture and way of life. Therese stereotypes of a whole nationality label Blacks as, â€Å"superstitious, lazy, ignorant, dirty, unreliable, (and even) criminal,† (â€Å"Stereotypes†). Such generalizations are products of the public’s perception, which has been diluted by rooted historic and current prejudice as well as the media’s conveyance of a well-known African American cultural center: Harlem. Despite negative connotations associated with it, Harlem stands as a community that strives to flourish and maintain its strong cultural status. George Canada, the founder of the†¦show more content†¦These words, despite them coming straight out of an encyclopedia, hold a sense of pride. Weisbrot informs the reader the 20s were an obvious time for change, and states that Harlem was recognized as having great influence in African community and culture. In earlier American history, African Americans were unfairly excluded from the opportunity to be individuals or express themselves culturally. In the 20s, Harlem created an area where they are free to do so. According to Reuben’s account, which also carries it with a sense of pride, the Harlem Renaissance was a profound period in African American culture. This was more than a literary movement - it was a period of racial consciousness, as Marcus Garvey, a dynamic African leader, boldly dubbed â€Å"the back to Africa† movement. Being a prolific leader of the time, Garvey uses his influence to encourage cultural change. By looking back on the accomplishments of the time there is proof that this occurred, â€Å"the Harlem Renaissance brought the Black experience clearly within the General American cultural history,† (Reuben). After World War I, Reuben suggests that the Renaissance st ill flourished. Morale was rising again, and there was opportunity for American citizens to enjoy various forms of entertainment, which proliferated the Harlem Renaissance. The 20s was also known as

Guide To Excellent Customer Care Gym Floor â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Guide To Excellent Customer Care Gym Floor? Answer: Introducation From the PESTLE analysis given above, several deductions can be made for Les Mills. Firstly, the government of New Zealand is playing an active role in promoting health and fitness in the country. It is spreading awareness through school-based campaigns, public education programs, youth training interventions and marae-based programs. When fitness and sports are one of the main governmental priorities, people are likely to take it seriously. As far as the economic scenario is concerned, New Zealand is still grappling with recession. However, the gym and fitness industry has been recession proof. Gym memberships in the country are growing yearly. Interest rates are at an all-time low of .5% (NZIF, 2017). This implies that fewer people are focused on saving and hence they gym members are spending an average of 500NZD per annum on gym memberships. Coming to the social factors, fewer people in New Zealand are cancelling their gym memberships, implying there is high demand for gyms. This is also because New Zealand has an ever-increasing rate of obesity, in fact, its obese population is same as Australia. Due to such high rate of obesity, Kiwis are keen on losing weight, thereby growing the demand for gyms. In addition to this, physical leisure and sports form a crucial component of Kiwis cultural identity (Mann Truswell, 2017). Technological factors are also shaping the countrys fitness industry. Advancements in gym equipment are now allowing gyms to provide customers with machines on which they can watch TV, stream music, surf the web, monitor their heart rate and even feed their personal data to customize their workout. With such amenities customer satisfaction is increasing and so is the demand for gyms (Ryan, 2017). The laws and regulations established by the government, fitness sector and insurance companies plus health safety norms have to be complied with. This could entail maintaining equipment and machines to a certain standard, plus all staff must be qualified and trained fitness professionals. As far as the environment is concerned, customers awareness about environment protection is growing. The machines and equipment have high energy consumption, and resultantly, they require more electricity to operate. This could be mitigated by setting up energy efficient equipment (MacFarlane, Phelps Schulenkorf, 2016). Les Mills is the biggest player in the New Zealand fitness market giving it considerable size advantages. Its gyms have a weekly attendance of members nearly twice the industry average. Members are loyal to the company and hence rather than targeting all consumer segments, Les Mills only has to target potential consumers to grow its business. A strong brand name helps here. The company has the option of investing in better innovation which will help it offer unique services and products to meet the ever-increasing demand of customers. The competition in the fitness industry is very high, and companies are constantly trying to snatch market share from their rivals. Another major threat is that of ageing Kiwi population (Crossley, 2012). A large part of the younger generation does not have sufficient finances to pay for membership, while those who can afford comprise the ageing population. Porters Five Forces Les Mills faces tough competition from Just Workout, Jetts Fitness and City Fitness, all of which have become huge chains and operated all across New Zealand. All these brands are using the most recent technology to keep pace with their rivals. The threat of substitutes is between moderate to high. DIY exercises like Yoga, working out at home, running and walking are some options, people may consider than joining a gym. Calorie counting meal brands are also proving to be substituted (Jason et al., 2017). New brands are continuously entering the market, implying a moderate threat from this force. Not more than 5 years ago, there were very few 24/7 operators, but now the number has grown to 150. However, as Les Mills is the biggest player, new operators will take considerable time to reach its level. Buyers have high bargaining power as they have the power to demand products and services they want at negotiated prices because of broad choices. Suppliers have low power because gym produ ct suppliers are many (Fahy Jobber, 2012). Human Resources Planning At Les Mills The business objective of Les Mills is to provide customers with life-altering fitness experiences all time, everywhere. To manifest this objective, the company pays special attention to its human resource planning and performance management. As identified in the SWOT analysis, Les Mills avoids an oppressive hierarchy and looks for innovators and risk takers. Hence, the goal of its HR planning is also to find people who are proactive and tall poppies which are enthusiastic to change the world consistent with its mission (Tynan, 2010). Once the required staff is hired, they are continuously trained to update their professional skills plus also in customer service domain to strengthen a loyal customer base with the objective to improve overall performance. All fitness instructors are provided with advanced training so that they are certified to advanced coach programs. KPIs are part of every employees performance evaluation. These KPIs ensure employees objectives are consistent with co mpanys vision and are being achieved (Sassatelli, 2010). The Leadership development intervention at Les Mills intends to help develop leaders from every level and area of the company by providing them support, resources and tools they require. For this purpose effective planning for performance management is done. Succession planning is a major employee recruitment and retention strategy used by the company. It develops its people so that they are capable enough to assume higher responsibilities in the future, thereby minimizing the need to invest in external recruitment. It also ensure that company is having skilled and capable staff to cope up with the demand and expectations of market. The company demands a robust compliance with its brand values and the entire staff is expected to comply with it (Lyon, 2016). The companys package is designed to be the first rate, and hence it commissions sales representative and employees to exemplify this world-class brand. Competitive Advantage As identified through SWOT, the competitive advantage of Les Mills lies in its innovation culture and a highly efficient and trained staff. The company has designed and developed choreographed fitness programs coupled with music which is adapted to the different interests, goals and needs of member groups. These classes are accompanied with high-tech fitness machines and equipment to cater those members who like resistance training as compared to aerobic workouts (Andreasson Johansson, 2014). As mentioned in the PESTLE analysis, technological advancements are providing companies with a competitive edge, and clearly, Les Mills is leveraging on this aspect. Less Mills was a finalist in the International Business Awards New Zealand for the best business. Not only this, but the company is also capitalizing on the consumers concern for the environment. It is finding an effective system based on sound technology which will bring more credibility to its sustainability goals. It has also ad ded a globally credited carbon footprint certification to its portfolio. Evidently, its membership is increasing because it is catering to peoples environmental expectations (Crossley, 2012). Another factor that brings competitive advantage to Les Mills is its ability to merge physical and digital. The company recognizes that the future of the industry is blending digital with physical. The fitness organization has pioneered concepts such as Immersive Fitness, that mixes a cycling workout with digital projection on the big screen to develop a new type of exercise regime. The company also recently launched its app (Walter, 2014). Conclusion From the above discussion, plenty of things have become known about Les Mills. With proper attention to social, environmental, legal and technological variables in play, the company is expanding at a great speed. It realized that the company and its people could not be complacent about their position in the future. The fitness industry is undoubtedly speeding, and if the company does not do something, it will be left behind its competitors. This is the reason, Les Mills aims at enhancing the experience via its facilities which are practical, attractive and environmentally sustainable. As the growing ageing population presents a threat to fitness industry business, Les Mills focuses its products and services on 18-35-year-olds. These people are well educated, ambitious and earn above-average disposable incomes and are therefore able to afford gym memberships. Employees also form the backbone of the company. The staff is recruited with a very strict screening process so that only those people who have similar goals and visions as Les Mills and a drive to succeed are hired. The existing staff has an evangelical fervour about it. The company has built its brand as an employer and becoming an employee of Les Mills is viewed as the life-altering moment. The organization provides life-changing employee training using techniques such as personal development, cultural rituals, team building, and motivational psychology to ignite staff enthusiasm, commitment and passion. This is then converted into excellent customer service which acts as a competitive advantage for Les Mil ls. It also has sound health and safety norms and complies with all applicable laws. The company is recommended to include programs on a diet in addition to its fitness programs. It is also recommended to launch fitness programs aimed at children. It can also advertise Fit n Well following themes by the government to increase impact on target segments. References Andreasson, J. Johansson, T. (2014) The Fitness Revolution. Historical Transformations in the Global Gym and Fitness Culture. The Journal of National Institute of Sport Research, 23(3-4). Crossley, J. (2012). Les Mills an international success. [Online]. Available through: https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/6327563/Les-Mills-an-international-success. [Accessed on 24th September 2017]. Fahy, J. Jobber, D. (2012) Foundations of Marketing. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Jason, A., Wiesner,G., Uffelen,J., Harvey,J., Craike,M. Biddle, S. (2017) Assessment and monitoring practices of Australian fitness professionals.Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. Lyon, A. (2016) The Role of Fitness Professionals in Public Health: A Review of the Literature. Taylor Francis. MacFarlane, J., Phelps, S. Schulenkorf, N. (2016) Discovering Network Legitimacy in the Human Resources Planning At Les MillsFitness Industry: A Case Study of REPs NZ. International Journal of Sport Management, 17(1), pp.129-153. Mann, J. Truswell, S. (2017) Essential of Human Nutrition. OUP. NZIF. (2017) The New Zealand Fitness Industry - An Overview. [Online]. Available through: https://www.nzihf.co.nz/the-new-zealand-fitness-industry-an-overview. [Accessed on 24 September 2017]. Ryan, H. (2017) Workout industry bulks up: Gym business worth $494 million. NZ Herald. [Online]. Available through: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3objectid=11783716 . [Accessed on 24th September 2017]. Sassatelli, R. (2010) Fitness Culture: Gyms and the Commercialisation of Discipline and Fun. Springer. Tynan, K. (2010) The Interactive Instructor: The definitive guide to excellent customer care on the gym floor. BookBaby. Walter, T. (2014) WORLDWIDE SURVEY OF FITNESS TRENDS FOR 2015: Whats Driving the Market. Health Fitness Journal, 18(6), pp.8-17.

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Cross-Cultural Differences in Childrearing Essay Sample free essay sample

Throughout my clip spent here in Spain. I have found the cross-cultural similarities and differences of child-rearing patterns to be an highly interesting country of survey. Relatively the households of the American and Spanish societies have rather different methods of raising a kid and presenting him or her to this universe. What is and what is non socially acceptable is the lone differing country when looking at any two civilizations side-by-side. Certain things that are considered normal for the Spanish civilization are looked at as odd from an American position ; along with the opposite bing when the Spanish people examine American civilization. The things that are taught to kids populating in Africa compared to those that live in America differ much more widely but still serve the same intent. The different civilizations contribute the exact same thing to each several society in the long-run. a new productive member of each society. How a kid is raised and taught to populate is a alone facet of every civilization that exists throughout the universe. Rogoff states that members of each society are â€Å"prepared by both our cultural and biological heritage to utilize linguistic communication and other cultural tools and to larn from each other. † ( Orienting Concepts. P. 3 ) Through this definition it is easy to see why child-rearing techniques are alone to each and every society. The people of any society use their ain tools and their ain linguistic communication to learn the young person of their society what exactly it means to be portion of their civilization. For illustration. one does non see many adult females in the United States who are breast-feeding on the tube. This is something that is a much more private event in the United States because the people of America are less unfastened about this day-to-day activity. The households of Spain see it as something more unfastened and natural and therefo re freely do it throughout public when their babe is hungry. This is a more obvious illustration of a cross-cultural difference between the two societies. Child-rearing patterns contribute to and reflect overall societal values which can be observed when analyzing the daily life of Spain compared to America. While I have been in Spain I have found many differences that exist between the ways I was raised compared to how kids are raised here in Sevilla. One difference I found interesting was the times at which younger kids are still wake up with their parents at dark. In the United States it is about impossible to happen a babe in a saunterer out past 10 at dark. allow entirely be at a saloon with their ma and pa. I have found out through my experiences here and the inquiries that I have asked my host household that this difference exists because that is a really traditional facet of Spanish civilization. It is normal to hold kids out past that clip in Spain because of the social values that are tied to eating in the Spanish civilization. The American people normally eat dinner at around half past seven at dark in their places with thei r households. The Spanish people usually eat dinner at about ten at dark and are eating outside of their places more frequently with other friends of the household. I found the times that kids become accustomed to eating to be one of the most interesting differences of Spanish and American child-rearing because nutrient is one of the most culturally alone facets to every society in the universe. The differences in child-rearing methods are seen much more clearly when looking at other different civilizations and comparing them. In the movie â€Å"Babies† that we watched in category the kids of the African small town are allowed to play with tools that American parents would neer let. The small babies are seen sitting in the soil playing with stones and socking them following to their female parent. An American ma would see this as unsafe and perchance harmful to their kid. while the African female parent merely sees their kid acquiring used to the normal tools that will subsequently be used in life. This is yet another illustration of how social values of each civilization are ingrained into a child’s caput throughout the beginning of their life. Another more utmost illustration is how the Efe of the democratic democracy of Congo allow their kids to utilize matchets safely. This is a tool that is entirely associated with violent death and that the American peopl e find as holding no good component if they taught their kids how to utilize it. On the other manus the Efe usage this tool on a daily-basis for a assortment of different grounds and happen plentifulness of usage in learning a kid how to utilize a machete early on in life. Despite the really differing ways of raising a kid that are used by the American. African. and Spanish people the households of each civilization are bring forthing the same productive member of each society. The ways of achieving this member of society vary widely. but what difference should that do. I consider myself no better than anyone who belongs to any of the other civilizations I have discussed. I am merely different in what I find socially acceptable. merely like how my ways are looked at as different by person who belongs to another civilization. The ways of child-rearing are some of the most culturally bound facets of a group of people that can be examined. People all over the universe have different methods of raising and bring forthing a good member of society. but despite the differences they all produce the same thing. In order to acquire an accurate apprehension of why the methods differ. one must understand the significance for the difference and how it fits into con text. No manner of raising a kid is â€Å"better† or â€Å"worse† than another ; they all serve the same intent and exist to bring forth the same productive member of each society.